What Is Cloud Computing?

It’s no secret cloud computing has been a buzz for the last few years. Truth is, you’ve probably been using cloud computing for awhile now. Web-based email is an example of cloud computing, the data and emails are stored on a remote sever not on your computer. Cloud computing can be a vital adoption for some businesses and a IT nightmare for others. As a business owner you need the right information to make an educated decision on if cloud computing is right for you and your business.

Cloud computing is a lot like turning on a light switch, you only pay for as much light as you need and then you switch it off. When your electric bill arrives, you are only billed for what you used.

The magical cloud is basically “shared computing resources” owned by the the cloud provider. A business purchases a slice of the providers cloud and uses like a regular server. The provider usually will fully manage the back end and provide new installations, maintenance, and software updates as needed. Not everything works in the cloud, don’t make the leap to cloud computing until you know the pros and cons to cloud computing. Let us help, give us a call today to schedule a cloud readiness assessment for your business.

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