It’s About Business Continuity, Not Just Data Backup

Data is the most important aspect in every business. Smart businesses plan for the unexpected to arise and have a plan to backup their critical business data. However, simple data backup is not going to protect you from system outages or crashes. All businesses should anticipate system outages, hardware failures, and even severe business disruptions such as fires, floods, or theft. Organizations need to protect not just company data, but their critical applications that allow them communicate, service clients, and generate new business.

Until now, businesses have had limited choices for true business continuity. Sure data backup solutions are widely available, but most solutions only backup the data and do not guarantee up time for key components like servers, email, and databases. Often enterprise companies can afford redundant servers and data-centers to prepare for the worst case scenarios.

So how do smaller businesses get a cost effective, easy to deploy backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution that provides onsite and cloud backup and also guarantees up time and resiliency for critical applications? Answer: FusionPoint BDR Appliance!

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How Does The BDR Appliance Work?

The BDR software periodically creates image-based backups of the backed-up server at pre-configured intervals (Usually every 15 minutes)
The backup images are automatically backed up locally to the on-site BDR appliance.
The backup images are then transferred automatically to the FusionPoint Storage Cloud.

What Happens When My Server Crashes?

Accidental File Deletion

In addition to full images, recover individual files, folders, and Exchange items (emails, attachments, mailboxes) in moments.

Server Hardware Failure

The on-site BDR appliance is leveraged for on-site virtualization of the impacted servers, restoring full operation to the business within minutes.

Catastrophic Fire or Flood

Multiple recovery options exist, one such option is the FusionPoint Continuity Cloud which allows servers to be virtualized in FusionPoints’ cloud for continued business operations even in the face of total disasters.
Features Benefits
Includes software for image-based backups Protects not just the data, but the applications and configurations on mission critical servers, for complete system recovery
Automatic local back up to the on-site BDR appliance Leverages the on-site appliance for local storage of the image backups, permitting quick recovery on-site
On-site virtualization and recovery Delivers complete business continuity, allowing a business to recover from an outage in minutes, not hours
Automatic backup to the FusionPoint Storage Cloud Defends against local disasters, such as fires, floods, or other natural disasters, by leveraging the power of the cloud for data protection
System monitoring, data encryption, and silent data corruption prevention Ensures error free backup operation, along with data privacy and data integrity
Granular File Recovery In addition to full images, recover individual files, folders, and Exchange items (emails, attachments, mailboxes) in moments
Off-site virtualization and recovery Ensures continued operation of your critical IT infrastructure, no matter what happens

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